Shine your light bright

We make Reiki-infused hand-beaded jewellery & suncatchers that emanate love and spark joy. Our pieces bounce light in mesmerising colours. They make you smile when you look at them and feel divine when you wear them.

We help you to feel more radiant, so you can shine your light brighter

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Our vision

To create joy in the world by
helping people to feel radiant.

Our mission

To make ethically handmade Reiki-infused jewellery & suncatchers that uplift and spark joy.

Our values

To look after the planet and its people.

To be women-centred.

To provide fair work for creative, independent women around the world.

To be guided by joy, lightness and sensuality.

We live by our values


When you buy from us, you're supporting creative, independent women around the world.

Working with us allows them to work flexibly in their own homes and on their own terms. We are proud to support these wonderful women and we want to grow our business so we can invite more women to join us.

Read more about our fair work policy here.

Designed to last

We carefully research and use only durable, premium materials that will stand the test of time.

We carefully select our beads to use only the colours with the most durable finishes. We weave our designs with thermally bonded polyethylene thread, which has an incredibly high tensile strength – it’s known as the strongest fibre, per diameter, ever created.

For our metal finding we use 14ct gold-filled earring hooks, chains, clasps, bails and jump rings that won’t scratch or tarnish.

Our pieces are designed to last a lifetime.

Read more about our design process here.

Responsible materials

We’ve worked hard to source the very best environmentally responsible materials we can find.

We don’t use any stones or crystals that have been mined from the Earth – instead, we work with fine Japanese glass beads. We create virtually zero production waste. Environmental responsibility is at the core of everything we do.

Read more about our sustainability policy here.

Zero plastic packaging

Our beautiful complimentary gift boxes are made from recyclable cardboard and cotton ball padding. We’ve avoided the standard foam padded boxes and custom designed a jewellery box to treasure your pieces in. It’s really a star attraction on its own – and we give it to you free with every purchase.

We use 100% recycled padded paper bags to send your jewellery to you.

No plastic packaging, ever. 

Read more about our sustainability policy here

We give back

We give to charities that are aligned with our values: One Tree Planted, Ocean Crusaders and Women for Women International.

Read more here.

We plant trees

Every piece of jewellery plants a tree! We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every piece of jewellery you buy.

Read more on our giving back page.

Meet the team

Women-centred, woman-led.

Jules Moradi

Founder, Owner, Designer, Maker

Yugambeh Country/Logan, Brisbane Australia

"Feeling good is what motivates and inspires me – feeling good myself and helping others to feel good too.

I used to run a massage therapy business and channel healing Reiki energy for my clients, but it wasn’t long before I burnt myself out.

Now, I design and make shimmering jewellery and suncatchers with tiny, coloured glass beads and infuse them with nourishing Reiki energy. This way, I help more people to feel good, and the creative process feels divine for me.

It’s been a long journey to get here. I have bipolar 2 disorder and it makes everyday living a challenge. On days when my brain isn’t functioning well, working with colourful glass beads while listening to a podcast or some music – and then channelling Reiki energy – is the perfect, calming antidote.

I have a Bachelor of Community Education and a Diploma of Health Science, and I nerd out on neuroplasticity techniques and bio-hacks that help us to keep our inner sparks shining bright.

My beautiful little ethical handmade business gives me immense joy. It’s women centred, gives back and has people and the planet at its heart. My desire to help people to feel more connected to their own true beauty and to the pleasures of being alive… and to feel divine in the process.

I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for visiting.”

Jules xx

Read Jules's thoughts on maintaining your spark and living green and low-tox on the blog.

Aini Jamiatul


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“Hi! My name is Aini. I was born and bred in Malaysia, a small country in South-East Asia. Working with beads was quite a challenge at first since it is so little. Thanks to my patience, I managed to get through it – hoorah!! 

Even though I sometimes do lose patience with our little friends, I also developed a love and hate relationship with them and then fell in love them, so that is why I decided to work with Sugarberry Shimmy.

Everyone’s dream is to work with what they love most and for me, that’s arts and crafts.

Things that I love to do in my free time are playing games and scrolling through social media to look for anything up to date haha! I’m really glad that I am a part of the Sugarberry Shimmy team!”

Aini previously helped us to make some of our hand-woven jewellery pieces.

Kateryna Kopchuk

Graphic Designer

Kharkiv, Ukraine

“I am Kateryna and I am from Ukraine (Kharkov city). As far back as I can remember, I loved creativity and everything connected with it - from needlework to design. I am very happy that I am a designer and that I can bring my ideas and the ideas of my clients to life. I also love to travel and meet new people around the world.”

Kateryna is living in Greece while the war continues in Ukraine, although her family are still in Kharkiv. You can see more of her work on Behance.

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